Wireless Headphones Are Improving Faster Than Anything Else In Tech

There is no doubt that the wireless headphones industry is improving more than expected. If you watched the last edition of the FIFA World Cup held in 2018, you will not be in doubt as to the extent this technology has gone in most recent years. IFA 2018 held in Berlin Germany witnessed the introduction of a litany of wireless audio products and technology to the world. Various manufacturers introduced innovative products and these were great improvements compared to what the situation was a few years back.


The innovation witnessed the introduction of a new charging standard. It appears that USB-C is the latest charging standard, and these manufacturers adopt it. Many people were expecting this to happen. It has been question of when those changes will be. Most of the headphone products that came to the show have USB-C charging port. This investment is indeed worth it, and it is expected that consumers will respond promptly. Innovators will be happy with their investments.

Some of the products that switched to this new charging technology include Sony. One of the latest products from the company is 1000X M3s. Newest models of this product will show that the company has now changed to the new charging method.


There is no doubt that this improves Sony products and many people who think that Sony will not join will be dumbfounded. It could affect the price of the new product. Many people are routing for this product because of the convenience and ease of use. Apart from Sony, other tech manufacturers have also started implementing the latest charging technology. One of such companies that have changed includes the Sennheiser. They have implemented this charging technology in most of its recent products.

Introduction of a voice assistant trigger

Another outstanding feature introduced by the wireless headphone manufacturers includes the introduction of voice assistant trigger. Most of the headphones that made it to IFA featured this newest feature. They have dedicated button where the voice assistant triggered. Some of the assistance trigger are products of Google. For instance, Sony 1000Xs features this new technology. The same thing is applicable to headphones that are adaptable.


Now that some manufacturers have started to integrate this feature, it is expected that this year or the next that many manufacturers will begin to implement the system. With time, the thing is going to be smart and it can work the same way smart watches function.

Improved battery life

Most importantly, battery life of most of the headphones and similar products are getting better than what they used to be. For instance, Sony reported that one of its latest products, which are the 1000Xs, could boast of up to thirty hours of life. In the same way, it has a new feature that cancel noise when you use it. This means that you are going to be happy using the products because background noise will be done away with.

With the noise cancellation features, it is expected that the battery life will even improve better. It is likely that battery life can extend up to forty-six hours.