What Is The Difference Between A 308 And A 308 Win

Is there any difference between .308 & .308 Win? This is the frequently asked question by most of the people. The answer is probably yes. Though there is a little difference depending on their unique characteristics. 308 can withstand more pressure as compared to the 308 win.

Change of ammunition

For the last few years, ammunition has greatly changed. When rifles used by pioneers, an individual had to pull gunpowder down the barrel of a rifle, pack it down with a long rod called a ramrod, and drop a lead ball in after it. When an individual pulled the trigger, a steel part of the rifle would scratch against a piece of flint and make a spark.


The gunpowder was used to spark a fire and make it explode. Cannons were fired in much the same way. The next thing that came was the cartridge, as it is known today. There is a hollow shell in cartridge made of brass. The gunpowder is well packed, and then a lead or steel bullet is pressed in.

At the closed end of the brass, the shell is a percussion cap. On the other hand, the cap of percussion holds fulminate of mercury or some other substance that explodes from shock.

When you pull the trigger of the gun, it makes the hammer strike the percussion cap. When it explodes, it makes the gunpowder explode and off flies the bullet. When finding 308 ammo for sale, make sure you have the best quality and from a legit seller.

The shells contain a big charge of explosives.


Also, the shells used in shotguns are made the same way except that several small lead balls, called shot, are packed into a cardboard case with a charge of gunpowder and a percussion cap at the end.

Heavy cannons were soon using the same kind of ammunition as the pistol or rifle, but the “bullet” is called a shell, and the explosives are contained in a shell case. The shell used in artillery is so significant that it contains a large charge of explosive that explodes when it strikes the target, causing much more destruction than plain metal could.