Is Cbd Oil Bad For Your Liver

Over the past few years, the Cannabidiol (CBD)industry has been growing tremendously with new products entering the market. From CBD oil to capsules and tinctures, the CBD industry is fast becoming one of the multi-billion industries.

The latest CBD studies have been focusing on whether the use of CBD affects the liver. According to the latest study by CBD experts, using extremely high CBD doses can damage your liver.

However, the research is less reliable as it is still in its earliest stages. You should note the CBD is not illegal, but the FDA has been cracking the whip on companies that claim certain unapproved health benefits when you take CBD.

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For CBD, the last few years has been booming. You can now access CBD easily in a cbd online store, unlike a few years back when it was present in only a few stores.

Can CBD damage my liver?

There have been numerous tests on CBD-based medicine, with the Epidiolex being the only CBD-based drug that has FDA approval. CBD, which has been touted as an alternative treatment for anxiety, chronic pain, and stress have been found to cause liver damage like alcohol and other harmful drugs.


A Research by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences also supports the toxicity of CBD to mice liver. The findings were published in the Molecules journal and suggest that people who are using CBD might be putting their livers at risk of damage.

During the research, the mice that were given higher dosages of Epidiolex showed liver damage within 24 hours.

CBD might not be a safe option for your liver when in high dosage. However, it is best to talk with your health professional before you start to use CBD. He’ll ascertain the dosage that is suitable for your health.