Huawei’s AI Cube 4G Router VS Alexa Speaker

It is certain from the latest tech shows that Huawei is also gracing the smart speaker market with the introduction of A1 Cube 4G router. This is powered using Alexa device. The speaker is remarkably different from several other voices enabled options.

At a glance, you might be thinking that you are using a Google Home speaker. This is one of the first speakers that implemented this innovative technology. However, this product is different from that of Google as it is 8.5 inches tall. It will soon be shipped across the globe. The base diameter is expected to be 4.6 inches. However, you can distinguish this product from its base, which is protected with cloth fabric materials. The speaker top is designed with plastic white material.


This is a smart speaker and the technology is not difficult from others that were existing before it. You can control the volume without difficulties using the button on the top of the speaker. In the same way, you can mute the speaker if you choose.

The product is quite different from several others produced before it. It is remarkable in two ways. The first thing that you notice about this product is that it features A1 cube. This can also serve the function of 4G router. It makes it easier to connect to several other devices in your home.

Another important factor that sets it apart from several others before it is that the sound quality is superior to several other versions. Users enjoy the superlative sounds that come out of the system.

In terms of connectivity, this superlative product does better. It works well with 802.11ac. In addition to that, it features LAN port and this located at the back of the speaker. It features double band router and the AI cube can boast of 2.4 GHz, as well as 5GHz channels. In addition to that, the data can speed to 1200 Mbps.


Most importantly, this speaker features a SIM card slot. Here you can put a 4G SIM card. With this, you can connect to the LTE. This may work with other cellular providers, one doubt whether it can work with any US cellular providers. It is certain that the speaker was meant for the European market. It will arrive in the US market later and this will simplify the cellular issue for its users. Perhaps it could work in Europe and it cannot work in America for now, perhaps it could work in a later date.

Huawei is fast in introducing smart and router speaker. A combination of the two is the latest thing in the speaker world. Recently, Netgear announced that it is implementing the same technology in the Orbi Voice, which they are trying to introduce to the market in the nearest future. This will also incorporate a mesh speaker as well as an inbuilt Alexa speaker.

The sound quality is another great attribute of this speaker. The speaker can boast of 400ml sound cavity and it uses aluminum diaphragm to enhance the quality.