How Do I Use Actions In Photoshop CC?

Photoshop is an important tool that can give unlimited potential to every photographer. Image editing is crucial but time-consuming and the best way you can reduce time spent on post-processing is to make Photoshop Actions your best friend. These actions help you to apply your desired adjustments to any image in a matter of seconds and have unique images that every eye will fall in love with.

You can either create your own actions or use others that have already been created by other professional photographers. If you’d like to make your images authentic and unique by clicking a single button, here are the best Photoshop actions to consider.If you want more to read check over here.

1. MicroPro Fantasy Pink Photoshop Action


If you have great chemistry with pink color, MicroPro Fantasy Pink Photoshop Action will then blow your mind. This Photoshop action turns any dull outdoor landscape image into an exquisite artwork. You can apply this action on your newborn, wedding or even fashion photography and it will create a pink bloom effect that will add elegance to your images. Check out this page and learn more about this great Photoshop action.

2. Hologram Photoshop Action

If you are looking forward to generating unparalleled hologram-like effects on your portrait images, Hologram Photoshop Action is what you need.

If you ask professionals who use Photoshop, they will be quick to tell you that Hologram Photoshop action is easy to use and comes with a variation of six different colors to help you choose the one you want according to your preferences. It is ideal for making unique background effects, covers and posters.

3. Skin Retouch Photoshop Actions Kit

Skin Retouch Photoshop Actions Kit is a must-know for every professional photographer or anyone aspiring to be a photographer in the future. With this action, you can easily optimize your outdoor photos as well as any portrait with just a few clicks. It comes with all optimizations and actions you need to enhance your images and make them beautiful.

4. Comic Oil Paint Photoshop Actions

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If you love oil paintings, Comic Oil Paint Photoshop Actions will blow your mind. With this action, you can give your landscape and portrait photos a unique oil painting look and feel. What makes this action standout is that it comes with ten different effects and oil paintings styles and therefore, you have different options to weigh according to your preferences.

5. Black & White Photoshop Actions

Many are the times when you see unique black and white photos going viral in social media and think of how easy it is to create them. However, you’ll be surprised to know that B&W photography is not as easy as it seems and you must be a professional to get it right. Black & White Photoshop Actions comes with a total of 31 B&W actions which you can use to get the perfect and unique black and white images.