How Do I Brand My Business Name?

For a new company, creating a brand name is one of the most difficult elements. If you make a mistake and choose the wrong name, your customers won’t know what you do or what you stand for. But if you get it right, your customers will identify what you do, and you’ll gain business.

Customers want to feel comfortable when they invest and buy from a certain brand. Therefore, it’s vital to spend time developing and branding your business name. It’s a critical factor in future success.

Branding a Business Name

First Things First, Check If the Name is Available

After coming up with a name, the first thing you need to do is check if that name is available. Ignoring this step can turn out to be a costly and embarrassing mistake. The next thing is checking if there is a domain available for your chosen business name.

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It would be very bad to register a business name only to find out that all domains related to that name have been taken. Don’t forget to run some searches with your brand name to see if you’ll get results that may need further investigation.

Be Simple

Even though they may be hard to find nowadays, one-word business names are the best. They are relatable, and remembering them is easy.

Just think of Apple, Amazon, Twitter, etc. If you can’t get a one-word name, two-words are acceptable. But, try to avoid three names or more as it may bring issues with marketing and future packaging. And, the name should be easy to spell and easy to pronounce. You can learn more about this topic over here.

Your Logo and Business Name Should Go Hand in Hand

After choosing the name, the logo comes second. However, these two should not be treated as independent elements. Instead, they should be synonymous with each other. Choose the right font and decide whether you’ll shorten the name so that it fits in the logo. You can talk to a design expert so that he can offer valuable advice on how to do it.


Branding is an essential component when opening a business today. The market has become very overcrowded with many companies, and branding your business name will set you apart. Keep the above information for a successful business name branding.