Can Compression Socks Hurt

Compression socks, also referred to as pressure socks, are worn by all people, including pilots, doctors, athletes, players, and patients recovering from surgeries. They play an essential role in increasing velocity in the veins hence allowing free flow of blood in the body, prevents injuries and other health conditions as well, such as edema, chronic venous insufficiencies, phlebitis, and heart diseases among other conditions.

However, the incorrect use of these compression socks can hurt you, which would lead to more health problems.

Therefore if you are wondering if compression socks hurt, then your perception is right. learn more from this guide and how you could prevent the side effects.

Side effects of compression socks

These sleeves can hurt if you are not wearing them in the right way. If you were the wrong size, you would experience some side effects. Your toes may be hurt, you could find it painful putting on the compression socks, and this may cause injuries.


You need to wear the correct type of pressure socks depending on your condition or rather the purpose for which you are wearing them. You should also choose the right size and length that fits you comfortably. Below are some of the common side effects you could experience from wearing the wrong type or size of the compression socks.

√ Discomfort

This is the first side effect you could experience after wearing these compression socks incorrectly. You could suffer unpleasant sensations, pain, and discomfort while wearing them. This may result if you are wearing socks for long hours.


You could also experience tingling effects on your skin if the pressure socks are too tight.

√corns and calluses

Tight socks can cause your skin layers to harden as the skin tries to protect itself from pressure.

√Skin irritation

Wearning socks

Wearing these socks for long may cause itching and skin irritation in the compressed area.You need to choose the right type of compression socks to avoid experiencing these side effects.