5 Running Blogs You Should Be Reading

To date, people have started a variety of blogs. With the tech-savvy generation, the internet has become the easiest means to disperse information to a bigger audience. Different blogs contain different content depending on the niche the user has chosen.

In this article, I am going to shed some light on the top five running blogs. The blogs contain inspiration, training tips, feeding, and the running gears needed. Different personalities have brought out their writing art in the blog, all in the aim of enlightening a runner. When you use the blogs below, you get to know what you need to do right to perfect your running career.

1. RunBlogger

It is more of a scientific blog than a running site. However, Pete Larson, a longtime runner and currently a biologist started the blog to feature the science of running.


Within no time, the blog got massive leads, and he decided to make it a runner’s blog. The site features biomechanics and plenty of running shoe reviews. The blog has enabled him to provide insights to runners. Also, he has written a book about running.

2. Mile Posts

Dorothy Beal gets her motivation from the readers. The texts about how she has changed many lives make her a consistent writer. She was an obese smoker when the family intervened.

She started training for the marathon in 2003 which vested her as the cover model for the Women’s Running magazine a decade later. She stated the Mile Posts in 2009 and has featured personal posts, inspirational messages, and t-shirt sales. She has made the blog her full-time source of income.

3. A Change of Pace

The blogger, Theresa a nurse by profession and a grandmother ventured into running in 2011. In her blog, she features, sports, nutrition, and healthy living posts.


Currently, she serves as a coach in Tulsa Oklahoma. Nutrition and sports enthusiasts generate a substantial amount for her through reading her posts. Her blog inspires the weary in the running career.

4. Running and Rambling

The blog features running gears. It was started by Donald Buraglio in 2005. Initially, Buraglio used to share his ramblings about running.

With time he changed his content to running gears and has since then gathered a significant lead. He has met influential persons who have showcased exceptional potential through his blog.

5. Hungry Runner Girl

The blogger, Janae Jacobs is a marathoner. She got her insight after getting hurt during the Boston Marathon in 2010. She figured that since she could not run, she could however, talk about running. This served to kill the boredom during the recuperating period.


The blog features her personal life stories and the intense training she underwent in preparation for the Marathon. She thinks her positivity in life even after stress fracture is what keeps her site flooded with traffic. She can now make money online while still at her home comfort.

You can run for different reasons. Whether you want to slash some pounds, or you do it as a career, you need to get inspired to stick to the plan. That’s why the above blogs will motivate you to keep trying till you make it. Besides running, sharpening your brain is also important, thus, read to get educated.