5 Of Africa’s Most Incredible Hiking Destinations

Following Asia, Africa is the second largest continent in the world. It is comprised of vast features, beautiful sceneries which are irresistible to the eye. Here is the list of the five major hiking destinations in the second largest continent of the world.


It is the highest mountain in Africa found in the northeast region of Tanzania. It comprises of three volcanic cones. The grand peak is 5985 meters above the sea level, which makes it be among the seven summits in the world.


Hiking the mountain is a lifetime adventure where you will meet its dense forest, the savanna, and the incredible alpine terrain. Also, it comprises vast wildlife which includes the mongoose, chameleons, dikdik, sunbirds, elephants, and zebra.


On the southeast of Mount Kilimanjaro lies an extensive savanna grassland home of the Maasai community in Kenya. The grassland comprises of incredible ecosystems and sceneries.

On a guided hike, the experience is remarkable viewing flora and fauna on the grassland. It hosts the ‘Big Five,’ zebras and wild beasts. read this article for more information on the beauty of this great savanna.


This is the third largest canyon in the world with vast natural geological features and wildlife. Hiking along the lust valley would be incredible to view the dolomite spires known as the ‘three sisters’ from the Bourke’s Luck Potholes. Also, it’s a lifetime experience in the view of the conducive ecosystem which shelters South Africa’s five primates, crocodiles, hippos, otters, and rare bird species.



It is a dormant volcano located in central province in the country which comprises of stunning peaks and varying climatic regions which favor flora and fauna in the regions. On hiking, the mountain offers beautiful sceneries and unique wildlife which includes the lions, hyenas, and elephants, among others. The hiking route identified to different peaks makes it irresistible.


It is found on the northeast border of Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is a vast irresistible geological feature in the world which is a junction to three tectonic plates forming a sunken land form on the earth’s crust. The depression is characterized by extreme temperatures, volcanic act ivies and features such as geysers, geothermal lakes, and multicolored salt deposits. Also, it hosts a wide range of wildlife favorably adapted to survive the harsh conditions.