12 Useful Websites for Photographers

Photographers who work in EXECUTIVE positions or who are self-employed would benefit from websites that give inspiration and helpful strategies. Because there are so many to choose from, narrow down your selections to those that best fit your niche. If you’re a wedding photographer, check out websites in this industry. Here are some neat photography websites to look at.

Digital Camera World

On this popular website you will find the latest reviews of various brands of digital cameras. You’ll also find plenty of tutorials on how to buy and operate the best cameras for your projects.

iPhone Photography School

For the newbie photographers who are not yet able to purchase expensive equipment, don’t feel bad because smartphones offer high-quality images for your projects. This is where the iPhone Photography School comes in. This website features several tutorials, videos and articles to assist you in taking great pictures with the phone.

iPhone Photography School


Udemy is not really a photography website, but you will find quite a few online courses that help you improve as a photographer. You’ll learn advanced skills and the courses are generally affordable.


This is one of the leading photography websites, and here you will receive the latest photography news to keep you informed. This is an essential tool if you’re just starting out.

Deviant Art

This website is excellent for those interested in promoting their photos online. It is especially helpful if you don’t have a website but want others to know what you can do.

Deviant Art also lets you view and comment on others’ photos.


This photography website gets about 4.5 million page views throughout the year, and offers numerous resources to help you thrive in this industry.

Outdoor Photographer

This website is dedicated to the skill of taking beautiful photos outside. On this website you will find an array of tips, columns and tutorials that pertain to outdoor photography.


This website does more than just give the standard advice for success in photography. Here you will get insight into the effects of modern photography on pop culture in general. When you have this understanding, you are better able to produce meaningful and unique work.



Wetpixel is all about underwater photography. Here you’ll learn the top methods of doing it successfully, and you can read inspiring stories of other underwater photographers.

Photo Attorney

As a photographer, you want to mind your legal matters. You should learn about your rights and how to protect them. Photo Attorney is the best resource for this. The website is operated by a photographer who is also an attorney.

Zach and Jody

These are skilled wedding photographers whose website is designed to help photographers turn their talents into profitable enterprises.

Photo Naturalist

This website was founded by Steve Berardi, a nature photographer. This site is dedicated to teaching you how to take excellent photos of nature and wildlife. In conclusion, these websites are excellent in assisting you with thriving as a photographer. You will also keep up with industry trends and learn to adapt to them.