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Report had it that the latest self driven car introduced by Apple was involved in an accident in California. Authorities confirmed that the name of the car is Lexus RX450h. The car uses autonomous sensors, and it is a modified version of the car. The car is moderately damaged but the most interesting thing is that humans were not hurt.

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Largest Investment Tech Company Today

There is no doubt that industries are investing heavily on technology. It is hard to determine which of the firms have made the largest investment, but the fact is that tech firms are investing heavily in IT. Most areas invested heavily include artificial intelligence, face recognition technology, music selection according to mood, self driven cars and so on. The truth is that technology has come a long way and leading the pack is Facebook. The company is investing heavily in constructing the best artificial intelligence laboratory in the world.

Google is also investing heavily on this. Since 2014, the company has been busy acquiring private AI companies and they have acquired at least 11 of such companies. Other companies like Microsoft, apple and others are investing heavily on artificial intelligence technology.

8K TVs Unveiled By Samsung And LG

The world biggest television makers are introducing the most innovative products on the market today. One of the latest to enter the market is the 8K TVs. Samsung unveiled this. It is certain from the latest IFA tech show in Berlin Germany that big names in the industry are heavily competing in this area.

This is a wonderful product and it is at least four times bigger in pixels than the 4K sets. The television set is the best, because it presents things in details more than previous versions before it. You will be immersed to the action because the screen will be closer to you.


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How To Improve Tech Education

Many educational tools are meant to improve technological education. People are trained technologically and the aim is to see if they can compete with the machine. Technology will spark changes in the educational system. Many social tools are there to help educate people and some of the tools are available in Facebook, Amazon, Google, Lyft, and several others.

Perhaps the best educational tool available in the world today is the internet. You can get everything you want from the internet. Technology has made it possible for human knowledge to be put in a pocket. With smart devices, you can seek information and education.

Tech events for the year

Many technology events were already organized this year. Many more will be organized and some of them to be organized this year include future port plague. This event is to hold the Czech Republic. The show will feature technologies relating to artificial intelligence.

Another event is to hold in San Francisco in California. It is tagged the design gurus summit. This event will show case the latest design ideas and the people behind the ideas.

DeySecCon Boston is another event that is billed to hold in September 2018. The event is to hold in Boston, MA. The summit has to do with building security.

Microsoft Ignite is another great technology that will take place this year. This event is to hold in Orlando and it will start from September 24 and to conclude on September 28. It will offer you insight into the latest technological evolution, especially those that shape the data, clouding, teamwork, as well as business intelligence and so on. You can just immerse yourself to the latest evolution in that industry.

Bloomberg Global Business Forum is billed to take place in New York City on September 26th. It is going to be a one day event. The forum will aim at strengthening prosperity through trade.